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Knight Drugs accepts all major insurance providers and all manufacturer coupons to lower co-pay expenses. If you’re on Medicaid Part D, don’t choose the mail order plan. Let us take care of your prescriptions for you. Knight Drugs offers FREE delivery to those who are disabled, elderly or challenged by a lack of transportation or other issues. If you have difficulty coming to us, we’ll come to you.

Limitations for patients on medicare and medicaid plans. Talk to our pharmacist for details and how we can help

About Knight Drugs vs Mail Order

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  • Knight Drugs is the only small pharmacy chain in Detroit. We’ve been around over 60 years and know the city and its neighborhoods.
  • Our staff has been with us for years and know the Detroit residents they serve on a personal level. Not only does that mean great customer service for you, but they’ll know things like what prescription and over-the-counter drugs you’re taking and can be on the lookout for issues like drug interaction problems. Knowing you keeps you safer!
  • Because we have several stores around the city, residents moving from one part of the city to another will have no problem switching their prescriptions from one store to another.
  • Fast, knowledgeable service from staff who know your community.
  • Same day delivery to those in need.
  • Pharmacists with years of experience who have gotten to know their Knight Drugs customers personally. Shop at Knight Drugs and we’ll know you by name.
  • Prescriptions filled fast…in minutes! There’s no such thing as come back later!
  • Prescription prices that are better than almost everybody. In fact, Knight Drugs will match or beat anybody’s brick & mortar prices (**except for controlled substance**).
  • Knight Drugs can special order anything. If it’s not on the shelves, let us track it down for you.
  • The Knight Drugs Grand Blanc location is a compounding pharmacy. If your doctor prescribes a medication that isn’t available commercially but must be filled by a certified compounding pharmacist, our Grand Blanc location can fill that prescription.

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